Lake Huron to see more Atlantic salmon stocked next year

Following recent declines in Atlantic and coho salmon populations in Lake Huron due to changing food-web dynamics, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources plans to stock more fish to increase numbers. Read the full story by The Times Herald.

Fish can hear boat noises and their ears are in trouble

Anthropogenic noises in waterbodies cause hearing loss in fish that may impact their ability to navigate, reproduce and interact with other fish, according to new research from the University of Windsor. Read the full story by the Great Lakes Echo.

Invasive sea lamprey populations at near-historic lows

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission announced last week that sea lamprey populations reached near-record lows in the Great Lakes. The decline in population from near-record high numbers is attributed to elevated spring precipitation levels this year. Read the full...

New challenge in fighting sea lampreys: warmer waters

New research indicates that warmer waters in Great Lakes tributaries reduce the effectiveness of sea lamprey removal treatment techniques. The findings suggest greater use of treatment chemicals will be necessary, making control of sea lamprey costlier. Read the full...