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Beach cleanup goes high-tech

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, launched in 2020 by Pollution Probe and the Council of the Great Lakes Region, is focused both on cleanup technology and raising awareness of the plastic waste problem. Devices like the BeBot, a $55,000 beach-sifting robot, aim to spark people’s curiosity and get them concerned about the issue. Read the full story by Axios.

Wondering where that bird in your backyard came from? A new mapping tool details its amazing journey.

The Great Lakes region sits at the intersection of two migratory super-highways, the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways, where more than 380 bird species fly through the region each fall. The Bird Migration Explorer, a new interactive map from the National Audubon Society, lets bird watchers track the journeys that globe-trotting birds make each year. Read the full story by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.