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Lake Ontario water levels continue to drop; IJC releases summer outlook

The International Joint Commission and the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board continue to regulate outflows at the Moses-Saunders dam according to Plan 2014 taking into account multiple different interests, including the homeowners on Lake Ontario, the shipping industry, the boating industry, hydro-electric power, drinking water quality, the environment, and others. Read the full story by WROC-TV – Rochester, NY.

Six Illinois locks and dams to close starting Wednesday

Parts of the Illinois Waterway will close for three months for major repairs to aging navigation infrastructure. The shutdowns will affect barge traffic through this major waterway, which carries more than 29 million tons of cargo each year — mainly agricultural and industrial products — and consists of rivers, lakes and canals that provide a shipping link between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. Read the full story by WEEK-TV – East Peoria, IL.

The blitz is back

As part Michigan’s Aquatic Invasive Species Week, a Landing Blitz will occur at over 30 boat launches throughout the state to remind watercraft owners they should follow best practices and clean their boats, trailers, and equipment to help control the spread of invasive species. Read the full story by Cadillac News.