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Stephen J. Cole – Chief Information Officer

Steve Cole is chief information officer of the Great Lakes Commission. As a member of its senior management team, Steve leads the Great Lakes Commission’s information management and delivery services. This includes leadership of the Great Lakes Blue Accounting initiative, a basin-wide information strategy that builds upon and complements the extensive data collection programs in place across the Great Lakes.

Prior to joining the Great Lakes Commission, Steve enjoyed a series of successful executive positions in the private sector creating and managing information services and technology businesses from start-up to market leadership. He was formerly chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Gladson, which provides information services to the consumer packaged goods industry. Prior to that Steve was senior vice president for technology and strategy at Click Commerce, a publicly-traded supply chain software company which was acquired by Illinois Toolworks in 2006.

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For questions or media inquiries, please contact Beth Wanamaker, [email protected].

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