Statewide Public Advisory Council for Michigan’s Areas of Concern Program

Our vision is a vibrant Great Lakes Ecosystem in which we are stewards striving to enhance, restore and protect the health of the Great Lakes for the future of all inhabitants.


The Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC) was formed in 1991 to facilitate public participation in decisions affecting Michigan’s statewide Areas of Concern (AOC) program, heighten public awareness of and participation in the Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) being developed in the AOCs, and generate public support for implementation of restoration and protection measures in the AOCs.

Michigan's 14 Great Lakes Areas of Concern

Michigan’s 14 Great Lakes Areas of Concern

The Council includes representation from local Public Advisory Councils (PACs) for each of Michigan’s 14 AOCs. The Council coordinates support for and communication among local PACs in the AOCs, provides training and technical assistance to RAP participants, and advises state and federal agencies and elected officials on priorities for the statewide AOC program. The Council is supported by the Great Lakes Commission with funding from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For more information on the Council and Areas of Concern, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan’s Areas of Concern (PDF) document.

Members and Alternates

The SPAC is a coalition of representatives from the 14 community-based public advisory councils that are guiding cleanup efforts in Michigan’s 14 AOCs. Click here for a complete membership list and local contact information.


The SPAC typically meets three times per year and sponsors an annual briefing for state legislators and training workshops on issues affecting the RAPs. Below is information on upcoming and past SPAC meetings. Contact Matt Doss, [email protected], for more information.

Information on the next meeting of the SPAC will be posted here when it is available. Check back soon!

Past Meetings

MICH-RAP Email List

MICH-RAP is an email listserve for the RAP and LaMP community in Michigan. It is a forum for sharing news and information related to the Areas of Concern and Lakewide Management programs in the state of Michigan. Appropriate postings concern meeting announcements; new publications; funding opportunities; updates on relevant legislative activities; information requests; requests for suggestions and guidance regarding LaMP and RAP efforts; and media coverage related to the RAPs and LaMPs.

For information on how to subscribe, send messages and other list guidelines, visit the MICH-RAP email list page. For questions regarding this email list or to to speak to the MICH-RAP administrator, contact Matt Doss, [email protected], 734-971-9135.

Michigan Areas of Concern Newsletter

Historically, the SPAC has published a biannual newsletter, Michigan Areas of Concern NEWS. The last issue was published in 2005. For copies of past issues, please contact Matt Doss, SPAC Support Staff, Great Lakes Commission, [email protected], 734-971-9135.