Michigan Volunteer River,
Stream and Creek Cleanup Program

Grant Reporting

All grantees must submit a final project report to the Great Lakes Commission within 30 days of completion of the stream cleanup event. The final project report consists of:

• A narrative status report detailing the completion of each task, including what was attempted in the project, what worked, what did not, and any lessons learned including descriptions of specific river/stream/creek segments that were cleaned up as specified by the work plan. If you did not meet the stated goals and objectives of the project as approved in the project work plan, please describe why and what you will plan to do differently for future cleanup events.

• A financial status report documenting expenditures for the project. Be sure to send copies of invoices for project expenditures, including documentation for all match, with this report per your project contract letter. Please consider creating an itemized list of receipts to accompany your financial status report, showing how you calculated the entries on your financial status report. This will help to expedite the review of your final materials. Template for financial status report

• All deliverables, including photo documentation of the event. Images must be identified with the following information: date, location and activity/event name. (Digital images are preferred, but not required. Also acceptable are loose photographs – not taped or glued down – with date, location and activity/event information written on back bottom edge of photographs.) Originals of any brochures, posters, fact sheets produced; copies of original press releases; and examples of any volunteer appreciation items produced (e.g. hats, t-shirt, buttons, etc.) should also be included. In lieu of sending samples of volunteer appreciation items purchased with grant funds, grant recipients may instead submit photo documentation to show how these funds were spent.

• Submission of a release of claims statement (a standard form letter) at the end of the project.  Template for release of claims statement

Final project reports shall be submitted to and approved by the GLC before reimbursement payments will be disbursed. The GLC reserves the right to request interim progress reports from any grant recipient. Failure to submit a final project report to the GLC in a timely fashion may result in a delay in final grant payment or contract cancellation.