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The Great Lakes Commission and its member states and provinces require access to high-quality, curated information about Great Lakes issues from neutral and authoritative sources to guide investments and ensure cooperative progress toward our shared, regional objectives.

The Great Lakes Commission asks federal agencies for continued support in Great Lakes information management efforts by providing technical expertise, collaboration, data access and support for informed decision-making.

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The Great Lakes Basin Compact directed the Great Lakes Commission (GLC) to “collect, correlate, interpret, and report on data relating to the water resources and the use thereof in the Basin or any portion thereof.” Since its inception, the GLC has been a trusted source of information through many programs, including the Great Lakes Information Network. The GLC continues to assemble, curate, manage and deliver information to support the conservation and balanced use of the waters of the Great Lakes.

Decision-makers need improved information to guide investments and measure progress toward our common goals for the Great Lakes. At the request of the Great Lakes governors, the GLC, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, is developing Blue Accounting, a regional information strategy that provides Great Lakes leaders with measures of progress toward shared desired outcomes on a broad range of human uses, economic activities and conservation priorities. To be effective, this strategy requires sustained support and cooperation from government agencies, business and industry, and other partners.

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Matt Doss
Policy Director
Great Lakes Commission

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