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Webinar: Monitoring and Mapping Great Lakes Waterbirds to Support Management – November 15, 2017

The “Mapping and Monitoring Avian Resources in the Great Lakes to Support Management” project was designed to understand how birds use the shoreline and offshore areas of the Great Lakes, and how can this information be used to evaluate the potential impact of proposed offshore wind projects and other resource management issues. Through the development of predictive models, this project will create a more comprehensive regional picture of offshore bird concentrations that will assist decision-makers in identifying suitable areas for both proposed offshore wind developments and general conservation planning, relative to bird habitat and use patterns.

Michele Leduc-Lapierre, Great Lakes Commission, [email protected] 
Leo Salas, Point Blue Conservation Science[email protected]
Allison Sussman, Michigan State University[email protected]
Evan Adams, Biodiversity Research Institute[email protected]

Informing Great Lakes Open Water Bird Management Workshop – March 22-23, 2016 – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify management needs for which these data can inform decision making.
  • Innovate with conservation managers and the regional project team the best ways to apply the project’s information to support their management activities.
  • Define user interface options for the analysis tools developed by the project that will be integrated into the Midwest Avian Data Center website.
  • Gauge the need for continued data collection, monitoring and review of impacts of management actions.


Initial Results on Open Water Bird Abundance over the Great Lakes (2012-2014 Aerial Surveys):

Great Lakes Research Highlights:

Midwest Avian Data Center – Developing a Data Management System for Great Lakes Researchers:

Open Water Bird Models to Inform Natural Resource/Wildlife Management Decisions:

Great Lakes Pelagic Bird Stakeholder Engagement Workshop – May 29-50, 2014 – Ann Arbor, Michigan

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