Great Lakes Wind Collaborative Prospectus – September 2010

The Great Lakes Wind Collaborative (GLWC) is a multi-sector coalition of wind energy stakeholders working to facilitate the sustainable development of wind power in the binational Great Lakes region.

The GLWC reaches across sectors and disciplines to identify and address the technical, environmental, regulatory, educational and financial issues related to the deployment of wind energy resources. Members include representatives from a wide spectrum of interests throughout the Great Lakes region. The GLWC strives for a broad, balanced membership. Members provide diverse perspectives and represent a wide array of societal sectors and work to achieve the purpose of the group.

The GLWC is committed to working by consensus of its members. The organization and its members recognize that the credibility and authority of the GLWC’s work products derive from the fact that they were developed through the cooperative efforts of a wide range of concerns and perspectives. All committees and their members make decisions and take positions by consensus. The GLWC defines consensus as overwhelming agreement among GLWC members attained through a good-faith effort to meet the interests of all stakeholders.

As outlined in the GLWC charter, the GLWC operates through a three-tiered membership structure:

  1. Wind Stakeholders to allow broad participation by all interested parties;
  2. Workgroups carry out specific priorities and activities that support the GLWC’s objectives;
  3. A Steering Committee that governs the GLWC’s overall operations and whose members are charged with appropriately representing their sectors’ broadest interests on all GLWC activities.

The current co-chairs of the GLWC Steering Committee are Tony Logan, State Director, Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture ([email protected]) and Mark Clevey, Michigan Energy Office ([email protected]).

The GLWC conducts its work in accordance with its annual workplan. The GLWC supports its work plan through voluntary contributions, foundation grants, government funding, and in-kind services provided by our members.

The GLWC is staffed by the Great Lakes Commission. Please visit this link to join the GLWC stakeholder list. For more information, please contact Becky Pearson ([email protected]) or Victoria Pebbles ([email protected]).