Joint Action Plan for Clean Water Infrastructure and Services

in the Great Lakes Region

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Across the Great Lakes, water resource systems in urban areas have been heavily altered by human development. Traditional engineering methods use pipes and concrete to separate and manage stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water, leaving ecosystems disconnected and fragmented in the process.

But forward-thinking citizen advocates, conservationists and government officials are blazing a new path—one that is turning the dominant water management paradigm on its head. A new vision is emerging; one in which cities move from fragmentation to integration, treating water as a single, holistic resource. This approach can restore urban ecosystems while also saving money for cash-strapped municipalities. The Greater Lakes initiative is leading that effort to being municipalities together to manage water resources in a holistic manner that benefits everyone. The following media resources help tell the story.

Video: Healing Roadways in the Great Lakes with Green Infrastructure – December 2015

Video: Fractured Water (short version) – June 2015

Video: Fractured Water (long version) – June 2015

Healing fractured water: How Michigan’s roadways impact our waterway – November 12, 2015

Healing fractured water: Great Lakes cities look to reintegrate the urban water cycle – April 28, 2015

Fractured Water: Can urban Ontario reconnect its watersheds? – March 11, 2015

Fractured Water: Can metro Detroit reconnect its watersheds? – December 2, 2014

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Lessons Learned from the Credit River: Reconnecting the Water Cycle for our Great Lakes – International Joint Commission blog post – November 10, 2015

Current State interview featuring John Jackson (12 minute interview, starting 19 minutes into the program) – WKAR – East Lansing, MI – December 16, 2014

Detroit Public TV broadcast – Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting – Healing the Fractured Water in Our Urban Environments Session  –September 29, 2015

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