Resources and Publications

This page contains links to a variety of resources and selected publications related to Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs). If you have additional information to suggest for the page or wish to provide updates, please contact Matt Doss, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, [email protected].

AOC Webpages

U.S. EPA’s Great Lakes National Program Office maintains a web page for each of the U.S. and binational Areas of Concern. Information includes beneficial use impairments, current RAP status, progress and achievements, research, publications, community involvement, partners and RAP contact information.

Federal and State AOC Program Webpages

Resources for Delisting U.S. AOCs

Restoring U.S. Great Lakes Areas of Concern: Delisting Principles and Guidelines (PDF)
This document, adopted by the U.S. Policy Committee in December 2001, outlines a set of principles intended to guide the restoration and maintenance of beneficial uses and the subsequent formal delisting of an AOC.

Guidance for Delisting Michigan’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern (PDF)
This document outlines the process for delisting Michigan’s 14 AOCs and identifies specific criteria that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will use to determine when beneficial use impairments (BUIs) have been restored.

Strategy for Delisting Michigan’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern (PDF)
This Strategy identifies actions needed to restore beneficial uses and delist AOCs, establishes program priorities, and helps determine resource allocations in Michigan’s AOC program.

Guidance for (Redesignation) Delisting of Great Lakes Areas of Concern and their Beneficial Use Impairment Indicators in New York State (PDF)
The New York DEC AOC delisting guidance is based on EPA’s guidance and offers details specific to Areas of Concern in New York State.

Delisting Targets for Ohio Areas of Concern (PDF)
This document presents targets and potential milestones based on existing Ohio EPA programs, rules, regulations, policy and guidance.  Ohio RAP groups are encouraged to use this document to adopt targets and milestones specific to their AOC.

AOC Remedial Action Plan Documents

Remedial Action Plans (RAP) have been developed and are being implemented through an ecosystem-based, multi-media approach for assessing impairments and restoring beneficial uses in designated Areas of Concern in the Great Lakes Basin. Successful RAPs are community driven with active federal, state and local involvement. The affected community, in concert with other stakeholders, creates a future vision for the AOC.

Currently, RAP documents for Michigan’s Areas of Concern are available from the Great Lakes Commission for download and on CD by request. For further information on RAP documents for specific U.S. or binational AOCs, contact the appropriate EPA liaison.