U.S. AOC Program Annual Meeting

The U.S. AOC Program Meeting is held annually to review recent developments affecting the program; discuss approaches for implementing delisting targets; build capacity to implement on-the-ground restoration actions; identify opportunities to address AOC restoration priorities; improve linkages between the AOCs, Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs) and other programs; and consider actions that will strengthen the regional U.S. AOC program.

The meeting is intended for all parties involved in efforts to restore the U.S. Great Lakes Areas of Concern, including members of local AOC groups, state and federal agency staff, LaMP participants, academic partners, consultants, and other interested parties.

Upcoming Meeting

2015 Great Lakes Areas of Concern Conference
Wednesday-Thursday, March 11-12, 2015

University of Toledo Student Union
2525 Student Union
Toledo, OH 43606

Contact: John Perrecone, 312/353-1149, [email protected]

Past Meetings

  • 2014; Chicago, IL: 2014 Great Lakes Areas of Concern Conference
  • 2012; Cleveland, Ohio: Setting Priorities in the AOC Program: Keeping It Going, Getting It Done!
  • 2011; Detroit, Michigan: Celebrating Progress; Confronting Challenges; Moving Forward!
  • 2010; Buffalo, New York: Advancing Restoration Actions under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • 2009; Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Implementing Restoration Targets and Achieving On-The-Ground Results for the Great Lakes
  • 2008; Ann Arbor, Michigan: Setting Targets, Delisting Impairments and Beyond!
  • 2007; Cleveland, Ohio: Achieving Restoration Targets and Sustaining Stewardship

For more information, contact Matt Doss, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, [email protected].