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Past Events

September 28, 2016, Water Quality Trading in WPDES Permits – Webinar Recording – Slides

January 27, 2016, Workshop on Credit Pricing – Appleton, WI Agenda

January 26, 2016, Fox P Trade Working Group Meeting – Madison, WI Agenda

September 15-17, 2015, National Workshop on Water Quality Markets – Agenda

August 13, 2015, Advisory Group Workshop:  Water Quality Trading Application Packet – Webinar Recording

March 17, 2015, Advisory Group Workshop:  Market Structures Workshop #2 – Agenda

January 28, 2015 Advisory Group Workshop: What Market Structures Will Be Best for Water Quality Trading in the Lower Fox River Watershed? – Agenda


Victoria Pebbles, Presentation on Fox P Trade Project Review and Update

Bryan Comer, Presentation on Water Quality Trading Market Structures

Panel –

Jay Braund, PA DEP, Presentation on Pennsylvania Nutrient Credit Trading Program (Chesapeake Bay)

Jessica Fox, EPRI, Presentation on Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Program

Bruce Henningsgard, MNPCA, Presentation on Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative and Rahr Malting

Alex Johnson, The Freshwater Trust,  Presentation on The Freshwater Trust’s trading programs in Oregon and Idaho

Kevin Kirsch, WI DNR, Presentation on Red Cedar River Nutrient Trading Pilot Program, WI

January 14, 2015 Advisory Group Webinar: Feasibility Assessment of Water Quality Trading in the Lower Fox River Watershed. – Webinar Recording

June 27, 2014 Advisory Group Webinar: Lessons from Small Point Source to Non-point Source WQT – Alpine Cheese Case StudyWebinar Recording

June 12, 2014 Advisory Group Webinar: Water Quality Trading in Oregon and Correlations to Fox P TradeWebinar Recording

February 13, 2014 Advisory Group Webinar: Project Update – Webinar Recording

December 6, 2013 Advisory Group Webinar: Trade Ratios – PresentationWebinar Recording

July 2, 2013 Advisory Group Webinar: Kickoff – Agenda, Presentations (USDA, WI DNR, GLC), Webinar Recording


Fox P Trade Working Group

Webinar: September 9, 2015 – Project Update – Webinar Recording

Meeting: January 27, 2015 Agenda

Webinar: December 16, 2014 –  Lower Fox River Water Quality Trading Economic Feasibility Assessment – Webinar Recording

Webinar: September 22, 2014 – Fox P Trade Credit Calculator – Working Group Review –  Webinar Summary

Meeting: April 30, 2014 – April 2014 Agenda

Webinar: March 17, 2014 – March 2014 Agenda

Meeting: November 12, 2013 – November 2013 Agenda

Meeting: September 12, 2013 –  September 2013 Agenda

Webinar: September 6, 2013, Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance Feasibility Study –  Presentation by Jessica Schultz, Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance and Nick Vande Hey, McMahon and Associates

Webinar:  July 3, 2013, Lower Mississippi River Basin Feasibility Study – Presentation by Michelle Perez, World Resources InstituteComplete Webinar Recording


Related Meetings and Events

National Water Quality Trading Roundtable – Cincinnati, July 2013 (Selected Presentations)

Wisconsin DNR Phosphorus Summit – Madison