Why isn’t Isle Royale a part of Minnesota?

Isle Royale sits roughly 20 miles east of mainland Minnesota and 55 miles west of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, yet the island in Lake Superior belongs to Michigan. But why? The answer can be traced to faulty maps, “copper fever” and the dispute over a strip of land in...

Protecting Lake Erie from Asian carp

Protecting Lake Erie from invasive species was the topic of discussion at a public forum at the University of Toledo Lake Erie Center. Read the full story by WTOL-TV – Toledo, OH.

Lucas Co. sues EPA over Lake Erie water quality

In Ohio, the Board of Lucas County Commissioners says the EPA isn’t doing what it’s supposed to in order to protect Lake Erie, and now they’re suing to force its hand. Read the full story by WTVG-TV – Toledo, OH.

Zero sewage overflows by 2035 will require citizen engagement

The executive director of Milwaukee’s Metropolitan Sewerage District wants zero sewage overflows to Lake Michigan by 2035, a goal that has national colleagues and a Milwaukee environmental group questioning if he understands the inevitability of overflows. Read the...

Plan aims to improve Lake Ontario water quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Great Lakes National Program Office, and Environment and Climate Change Canada are seeking public feedback on the draft Lake Ontario Lakewide Action and Management Plan, a binational ecosystem-based 5-year strategy for...