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Naturalists expect strong presence of snowy owls this year

The Indiana Audubon Society is giving a heads up to owl fans this winter, as another possible invasion of the all-white snowy owl is beginning in Indiana. The usually absent arctic owl only visits the state during cyclical “irruptions” occurring every four to five years, but numbers are expected to be higher due to an “echo effect” following last year’s population boom. Read the full story by WRBI – Batesville, IN.

Climate change and its impact on Lake Superior fishing

Many of Minnesota and Ontario’s lakes are getting warmer, including Lake Superior. Researchers at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have found that surface-water temperatures in Lake Superior have consistently increased for decades, and these types of changes to the ecosystem can be hazardous for the lake’s prized fisheries. Read the full story by WTIP – Grand Marais, MN.

Elusive snakes challenge conservationists

In Ontario, at-risk snakes are difficult to locate in the Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula and Long Point areas, but researchers say that it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  A research team studying the Massassauga rattler and eastern fox snakes hope to develop reliable search protocols that will allow wildlife officials to determine whether a particular location is potential habitat for rare snakes. Read the full story by the Simcoe Reformer.