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The Great Lakes Commission administers several email subscription groups focused on Great Lakes issues, including our popular GLIN-Announce and GLIN-Jobs groups.  They deliver news and information directly to your inbox, and serve as a great way for subscribers to keep up-to-date on Great Lakes regional issues and events from multiple organizations and Great Lakes stakeholders.

Our email subscription groups are managed via Google Groups.  Browse this page to learn more about our available lists, and click to subscribe to any email groups that interest you!  When you click, you will be taken to our Google Groups page where you will need to subscribe with your email address in order to view the page. Note: The GLC does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in these lists. To subscribe to any one of our public email groups, click the group name below!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in group posts are the author’s own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Great Lakes Commission and its employees.

Most Popular Groups

GLIN-Announce – GLIN-Announce is a forum for sharing news of interest to the Great Lakes community.  Subscribers represent a wide cross-section of Great Lakes industry experts, educators, stakeholders and interested parties.  Join this group to share and receive Great Lakes news, upcoming conference alerts, research information, and more!

GLIN-Jobs – GLIN-Jobs is a forum for sharing Great Lakes-related job postings with a targeted audience. This list especially highlights job opportunities that involve the science, management or economic development of the water and land resources of the Great Lakes basin. Join this list to share and receive these targeted job opportunities with interested job-seekers and professionals!


Additional Public Lists

BIRDERS: Birders provides a forum for those interested in birding in Michigan. It contributes importantly to the goal of culturing and maintaining interest in birding in Michigan and appreciation of Michigan’s natural wonders.

Beachnet: Beachnet is a forum that seeks to facilitate communication and networking between people interested in the improvement of recreational beach water quality in the Great Lakes basin.

GL-SWCD: GL-SWCD provides an opportunity for soil and water conservation districts, land conservation departments and relevant state, federal and regional agency personnel as well as other interested persons to communicate on a variety of issues of interest to districts in the Great Lakes basin.

GLIN-Education: GLIN-Education provides a forum for teachers to discuss Great Lakes lessons and education.

HabsCollaboratory: HabsCollaboratory provides a forum for sharing news of interest related to harmful algal blooms in the Great Lakes region. Appropriate postings include the release of news reports, research announcements, policy issues or events regarding harmul algal blooms.  Learn more about harmful algal blooms at

InvasiveMussels: InvasiveMussels provides a forum for sharing information about invasive mussel management and control.  Learn more about invasive mussels at

KIOTL: KIOTL provides a forum for individuals and organizations who wish to receive notice of upcoming web postings of the latest issue of Keeping It on the Land, a newsletter published by the Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control.

MICH-RAP: MICH-RAP provides a forum for the RAP and LaMP community in Michigan to share news and information related to the Areas of Concern and Lakewide Management programs in the state of Michigan.

MiCorps-News: MiCorps-News is a postings-only group for news and announcements for volunteer monitoring program leaders, volunteers, and resource professionals on volunteer monitoring issues specific to Michigan.  Learn more about MiCorps at

NAP-Events: NAP-Events is an email list that disseminates information about Natural Area Preservation’s (City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation) events or related restoration.

PAMF: The PAMF listserv is a forum for sharing information about the Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework (PAMF).  Find out more about PAMF at

Phragmitesnet: The Phragmitesnet listserv is a way for the Phragmites community to stay connected. It is a forum to ask questions, share announcements, and provide Phragmites research and management related information. Find our more about the GLPC at


For media inquiries, please contact Beth Wanamaker, [email protected].

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