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The Great Lakes Commission is supported by a professional staff with offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Darren Nichols
Executive Director
About Darren Nichols



Laura Andrews
Design Manager
About Laura Andrews


Joe Bertram
Financial Operations Manager
About Joe Bertram


David Betcher
GIS Program Specialist
About David Betcher


Eric Brown
Senior Advisor for External Relations
About Eric Brown


Patrick Canniff
Invasive Species Research Associate
About Patrick Canniff


Thomas R. Crane
Deputy Director
About Thomas R. Crane


Margo Davis
Project Manager
About Margo Davis


Matt Doss
Policy Director
About Matt Doss


Eric Ellis
Project Manager
About Eric Ellis


Jill Estrada
Program Specialist
About Jill Estrada


Siyu Fan
GIS Developer
About Siyu Fan


Elaine Ferrier
Senior Program Specialist
About Elaine Ferrier


Evan Fischer
GIS Technician
About Evan Fischer


Pat Gable
Administrative Assistant
About Pat Gable


Ken Gibbons
Program Specialist
About Ken Gibbons


Dan Gold
Senior Program Specialist
About Dan Gold


Meng Hu
GIS/Data Analyst
About Meng Hu


Erika Jensen
Program Manager
About Erika Jensen


Laura Kaminski
Grants and Contracts Manager
About Laura Kaminski


Don Leflouria Jr
Help Desk Specialist
About Don Leflouria Jr


Reilly Manz
Acting Communications Coordinator
About Reilly Manz


Victoria Pebbles
Program Director
About Victoria Pebbles


Samantha Tank
Program Specialist
About Samantha Tank


Beth Wanamaker
Communications Manager
About Beth Wanamaker


Ceci Weibert
Senior Program Specialist
About Ceci Weibert


Ned Willig
Program Specialist
About Ned Willig


Nicole Zacharda
Program Manager
About Nicole Zacharda


David L. Knight
Great Lakes Dredging Team, Great Lakes Daily News and Special Projects

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