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Scuba divers to clean up Marquette’s Lower Harbor deep waters Saturday

An annual effort to clean the waters of Marquette’s Lower Harbor is returning Saturday. For the fourth straight year, the Great Lakes Scuba Divers and Lake Preservation Club is holding its Underwater Cleanup. Each year, divers from the U.P. and even the Midwest have come to the Lower Harbor to pick up tons of tires and other junk at the bottom of Lake Superior. Read the full story by WLUC-TV – Marquette, MI.

Royal Oak artist turns beach trash into treasure at SEA LIFE

Bottles, bottle caps, straws, lighters, beach toys, bags, and dental floss picks. All these items have one thing in common — plastic bits and pieces washed ashore on the beaches of the Great Lakes. In collaboration with SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium inside Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, artist Hannah Tizedes spent over a year collecting trash from the Great Lakes to create a six-foot-long mosaic of repurposed plastic. Read the full story by The Oakland Press.

Lake Erie algae severity projections bumped up by NOAA

Green algae scum is visible along Magee Marsh Wildlife Area’s shoreline, as scientists have bumped up their Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) severity seasonal projections this week. NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and its research partners originally predicted a severity of 3.5 on a scale of 10 in late June. Wednesday, NOAA revised its projection and now expects a bloom with a severity of 4.5 with a range up to 5.5 due to model uncertainty. Read the full story by Fremont News Messenger.

DNR researchers dive to bottom of Lake Superior near Grand Marais in search of ‘rock snot’

Rock snot, officially called didymo, was the centerpiece of the underwater research the DNR recently conducted in Lake Superior. Rantala and several other DNR researchers, fisheries biologists and members of the state agency’s aquatic invasive species unit traveled to Grand Marais in late July to collect samples from the bottom of Lake Superior. Read the full story by WTIP – Grand Marais, MN.

Toxic algae becomes a perennial crop

Toxic algae in lakes and rivers is a growing problem for cities, pets, swimmers and fishers — and, increasingly, the farmers who are causing it. Harmful algal blooms are becoming a regular summer feature around the country, thanks to fertilizer-laden runoff and hot water temperatures. NOAA estimates algal blooms have cost coastal economies $1 billion over the past several decades in lost recreation, tourism and seafood harvesting. Read the full story by POLITICO.

Lake Michigan in fair condition according to binational report

“Tremendous progress” is being made to restore and protect the Great Lakes from the impacts of toxic chemicals and the introduction of non-native invasive species. That’s according to the authors of a joint report issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Climate Change Canada on July 29.  Lake Michigan was assessed as “fair” and “unchanging.” Read the full story by the Manistee News Advocate.