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Zeineb Bouhlel – Government of Québec Intern

Zeineb Bouhlel is the Great Lakes Commission’s Government of Québec Intern (Ministry of Foreign and Francophone Affairs).  She is working on sustainable development programs as well as helping to build the ongoing relationship between Québec and the United States.

Zeineb is completing her Ph.D. in oceanography at the University of Québec at Rimouski (Québec, Canada) with a concentration in environmental chemistry. She holds a master’s degree in oceanography from the same Canadian university, with a concentration in ecophysiology of the invertebrates.

She also holds an engineering degree in agricultural sciences with a concentration in fisheries and aquatic environments from the University of Carthage (Tunis, Tunisia).

More about Zeineb:

  • Participated in WWF (World Wildlife Funds) Canada research projects by working on “fisheries eco-certifications” project
  • Grad student representative in a research network: “Quebec Aquatic Resources” (RAQ-Ressources Aquatiques Québec)
  • Participated in different entrepreneurship activities



For media inquiries, please contact Beth Wanamaker, [email protected].

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