Michigan Volunteer River,
Stream and Creek Cleanup Program

Applying for a Grant

Volunteer River, Stream and Creek Cleanup Program grants will not be awarded in 2020. Please contact Marcy Knoll Wilmes ([email protected]) for additional information.

Future grant applicants may view the 2019 Grant Application Package (GAP) as a resource to read more about the application process.

Annually (typically around mid-January), a Grant Application Package (GAP) is issued for the VRSCCP Grants. Information contained in the GAP is based on existing EGLE guidance, and indicates the total amount of funding available for a given fiscal year. Currently a total of $25,000 is available annually for cleanup grants.

Upon receipt of grant applications, the GLC, in conjunction with EGLE administrative staff, review and assess the merits of each proposed project. After funding decisions are made, the GLC requests a final workplan from each grantee. Upon approval of the workplan, the contract letter is sent to the grantee indicating the amount of the grant award and the terms of agreement between the grantee and the GLC for implementation of the project. The EGLE and the GLC reserve the right to remove parts of proposed projects which do not meet the program criteria as specified in the GAP, or which otherwise might impair water quality.

Cleanup projects can occur anytime after the award of the grant, but must be completed before the end of that year’s specific project completion deadline. Final reports are due within 30 days of project completion date. Communities are strongly encouraged to continue these volunteer projects in subsequent years. Many communities have expressed that their volunteers develop a clearer sense of what a watershed is, a connection to their watershed and a greater understanding of how their individual actions can help or cause harm to their watershed, and a sense of “pride of place and community.”

Fourteen projects were awarded stream cleanup grants for FY 2019. For further information on these grants, please visit https://www.glc.org/work/VRSCCP/2019-grants.