Category: Economy and Transportation

Assessing the Investment: The Economic Impact of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

A team of Great Lakes organizations worked with the University of Michigan’s Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics to analyze the economic impacts of funding provided by the GLRI between 2010 and 2016, the amount of region-wide economic activity that has been and will be triggered by GLRI investment through 2036, the growth in regional tourism that has resulted due to the GLRI, and the impact of the program on the region’s quality of life as reflected in home values.

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Commerce: Safety, Energy and Environmental Implications of Modal Shifts

The Great Lakes Commission has undertaken a “modal shift” study for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River commercial navigation system.  Through a method of shifting selected waterborne commodity movements to alternative surface modes, the study was designed to assess the comparative energy usage, emission impacts and safety risks of one transportation mode in relation to others.

Declaration of Indiana: A Maritime Agreement for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence System

Signatories to this declaration represent organizations whose constituencies represent a broad representation of maritime interests in the binational Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River region. The Declaration identifies and articulates widely held principles for use, development and enhancement of the System now and in the future.