Great Lakes Offshore Wind Memorandum of Understanding

Mar 2012 | Economy and Transportation, Energy, Library

In March 2012, a bipartisan federal-state Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by 5 Great Lakes states and 10 federal agencies establishing a Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Consortium to support the efficient, expeditious, orderly and responsible review of proposed offshore wind energy projects in the Great Lakes.

The Consortium was formed to help ensure that efforts to meet America’s domestic energy demands in an environmentally responsible manner through the use of excellent Great Lakes offshore wind resources occurs in an efficient and effective manner that protects the health and safety of our environment and communities while supporting vital economic growth.

The Great Lakes Wind Collaborative was formed to provide a forum for two-way communication between state and federal MOU signatories and the public and interested stakeholders in the region.

Published March 2012