Advancing Economic Strength and Environmental Integrity for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Region

Download PDF | Published March 2014

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River are a natural treasure and a vital economic asset that give our eight-state, two-province region a unique competitive advantage. With 90 percent of our nation’s supply of fresh surface water, the Great Lakes provide vital benefits for the 36 million Americans and Canadians who live in the region, including unparalleled recreational opportunities for residents and tourists; abundant fresh water for communities and industries; an efficient transportation system for raw materials and finished goods; and extensive habitat for fish and wildlife.

Restoring, protecting and wisely using the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River are fundamental to our broader strategy to create jobs, stimulate economic development and strengthen waterfront communities. With proper care and sound investments, the Great Lakes will continue to be a foundation for economic prosperity and a high quality of life for our region’s future.