Download PDF   |   Published July 2015  |  Featured topic: Great Lakes Areas of Concern

The Advisor is the newsletter of the Great Lakes Commission and serves as the Commission’s voice in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence region.  The newly redesigned magazine-style format of the Advisor provides updates on Commission programs, policy positions and binational issues.  In this issue:

  • Director’s Update: AOC cleanups make way for economic revitalization
  • Confronting our industrial legacy: Cleaning up the Areas of Concern
  • Is there “life after delisting?”
  • Case studies: Progress through determination and collaboration
  • Commissioner’s Corner: Revitalizing the Buffalo River AOC and neighboring community – James Tierney, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • AOC spotlight: Canada making significant progress in restoring Great Lakes Areas of Concern
  • Voices from the AOCs

For questions about this issue of the Advisor, please contact Matt Doss, [email protected].