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Great Lakes Mercury Connections: The Extent and Effects of Mercury Pollution in the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Commission sponsored a binational scientific synthesis effort through its U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-funded Great Lakes Air Deposition (GLAD) program. The purpose was to foster binational collaboration among mercury researchers and resource managers to compile a wide variety of mercury data for the Great Lakes region, and to address key questions concerning mercury contamination.

LaMPs 2008 Update

Download PDF | Published 2008 This document provides an overview of the Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP) process, a brief summary of the LaMP updates released in 2008, and U.S. and Canadian contacts for each LaMP. Background also is included on addition …

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Commerce: Safety, Energy and Environmental Implications of Modal Shifts

The Great Lakes Commission has undertaken a “modal shift” study for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River commercial navigation system.  Through a method of shifting selected waterborne commodity movements to alternative surface modes, the study was designed to assess the comparative energy usage, emission impacts and safety risks of one transportation mode in relation to others.