2016 Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Ballast Water Workshop Proceedings

Nov 2016 | Aquatic Invasive Species, Library, Maritime

In November 2016, the Great Lakes Commission convened a workshop to review the status of preventing aquatic invasive species introduction and spread through ballast water discharge. The GLC prepared this proceedings document to summarize the workshop. 

The workshop provided an opportunity for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence community – including representatives of federal, state and provincial agencies, industry, ports, researchers, environmental groups and other stakeholders – to come together, share information and develop a common base of understanding of contemporary conditions – and associated challenges and opportunities – of ballast water management.

The workshop included presentations and discussion on the current regulatory framework, the status of treatment technology, the state of the science, and stakeholder perspectives on ballast water management in the U.S. and Canada.

Download PDF | Published 2016