Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative

For More Information

Margo Davis
Great Lakes Commission
[email protected]

Anne Vaara, Co-Chair
Oakland County Water Resources Commission
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Patrick Judd, Co-Chair
Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
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What We Do

We undertake projects and activities specific to communities and conditions in the entire Great Lakes region, encompassing both Canada and Unites States. As a network of professionals and a volunteer entity, we prioritize projects on practicality, applicability and relevance to our watersheds. We know that finding the right information when you really need it can be a challenge and we want to make it easier, faster and more cost effective for you to make decisions and maintain your systems. Our aim is to develop a fair and equal knowledge base across the region.

We have carefully and cautiously chosen some early initiatives that will add value to you and other stormwater professionals throughout the entire Great Lakes region and are cost-effective for our nascent, volunteer-led efforts.  Examples include:

  • Building a first stop portal to the many stormwater management performance and utility analyses to help you conduct an orderly information search
  • Acting as an expert resource for communities to use new technologies and green infrastructure in their water management systems

And, above all else, forging strong and wide connections between water management professionals throughout the Great Lakes region.  We encourage you to share your needs and connect with colleagues in communities tackling the same challenges you face by joining GLSC.  Our priority is to make your work easier.