Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative

About the Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative

Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative (GLSC) is a network of and for water management professionals in the bi-national Great Lakes basin. Our aim is to transform the way we use information to make decisions about stormwater and water quality technology across the entire region.  Together, we will be the hub making reliable, best in class, scientifically based guidance and options accessible for water management needs in local conditions across the Great Lakes region.

GLSC grew out of a partnership between the Great Lakes Commission and Lawrence Technology University supported by the Erb Family Foundation.  The partnership invested 2 years, engaged in hundreds of individual conversations with private and public sector experts across the bi-national Great Lakes Region (Great Lakes) as part of a broad, bi-national needs assessment.  We also used focus groups, surveys, a review and inventory of BMP standards ideally suited to the Great Lakes ecosystem and many micro variations within the region to shape our vision of the GLSC. We thought through the many factors involved in water management infrastructure decisions and plan for the GLSC to have technical and practical resources for the entire management cycle.

The Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative (GLSC) is a regional resource launched to accelerate the adoption of innovative stormwater management technology and design throughout the region. GLSC works to bring equal access to the highest caliber science, information and performance data to communities regardless of size, funding, or location in the bi-national Great Lakes region.  We strive to present independent and comparative information needed to make data-drive decisions about what approach(es) are right for your situation.

The GLSC is your resource to create. We are a small group now, working together to create a region-wide network of peers. With time, we will become an indispensable resource for Great Lakes water management by sharing information and finding the best solutions for and from our region.

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Margo Davis
Project Manager, Great Lakes Commission
[email protected]

Anne Vaara
Oakland County
Water Resources Commission
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