Inland Sensitivity Atlas

About the Inland Sensitivity Atlas

The Inland Sensitivity Atlas (ISA) series is a set of Geographic Information System (GIS) based products providing contingency planners and emergency responders with accurate and relevant information for spill preparedness and response. The Atlas series is provided to planners and responders in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Region 5 area.

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA) required that U.S. EPA and the U.S. Coast Guard prepare Area Contingency Plans to improve the efficiency of spill response nationwide. As part of its strategy to meet OPA requirements, U.S. EPA Region 5 contracts with the Great Lakes Commission (GLC) to accomplish tasks related to Area Contingency Plans. Since 1991, GLC has been working with EPA on these plans.

To supplement the required Contingency Plans, U.S. EPA Region 5 has prepared detailed Atlases that include each of the six states in the region – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The Great Lakes Commission (GLC) is responsible for maintaining the ISAs for Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. GLC staff works to carry out data collection, mapping, and planning tasks that improve institutional ability to plan for and respond to spills in the Region 5 area.

One the GLC’s goals is to advance best practices for other Sub-Area plans throughout the Great Lakes states. GLC staff continue to work with U.S. EPA staff and other regional responders to develop and support “field days” in the region by collecting data, creating enhanced mapping products, and developing documents for emergency response plans.

The Atlas products are restricted due to their sensitive content. If you are an emergency responder or contingency planner, you can obtain copies by contacting the EPA, see below. The ISA is distributed via the Region 5 website’s web map viewer. The ISA is available by individual states.

For product availability and distribution, contact:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
Oil Planning and Response Section
77 West Jackson Blvd (SE-5J)
Chicago, IL 60604


U.S. EPA Region 5 – Inland Sensitivity Atlas map viewer

U.S. EPA Region 5 – Regional Response Team Tools

U.S. EPA Region 5 website

Upper Mississippi River Basin Association


Great Lakes Commission (GLC) staff works in coordination with U.S. EPA Region 5 and the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association (UMRBA) to jointly maintain the Atlas series.

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