Great Lakes Green Infrastructure Champions Program

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Margo Davis
Project Manager
Great Lakes Commission
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Green Infrastructure Champions Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Network

The Green Infrastructure Champions peer-to-peer mentoring network connects experienced green infrastructure practitioners with individuals that would like to bring green infrastructure to their communities. The mentoring network fosters the transfer of knowledge from experienced green infrastructure practitioners to a broader network of communities across the binational Great Lakes basin by pairing emerging champions (mentees) with pioneer champions (mentors). Emerging champions are eager to remove barriers and build capacity expanding green infrastructure implementation in their community/sphere of influence. Some emerging champions that received mini-grants for their green infrastructure work are shown on this map. Pioneer champions have successfully implemented green infrastructure in their community and are ready to share their skills and knowledge.

Quarterly Update #1: Mentoring Network Kick-off Webinar (10/24/19)

Emerging Champion – Mentee

The deadline to join the mentoring network as a mentee has passed. To sign up as a mentee, you must complete the Mentee Needs Form. The completed form may be submitted online or downloaded as a PDF and emailed to [email protected].  The Great Lakes Commission will match you with a mentor based on the reported needs. The mentoring agreement will be signed once you are paired with a mentor. 

Emerging (Mentee) Champion Needs Form – PDF Download

Mentoring Agreement

Pioneer Champion – Mentor

To sign up as a mentor, you must complete the Mentor Skills Form. The completed form may be submitted online or downloaded as a PDF and emailed to [email protected]. The Mentoring Agreement will be completed when you are paired with a mentee. Based on the needs of the mentees, we will be accepting new mentors throughout the program.

Pioneer (Mentor) Champion Skills Form – Submit Online

Pioneer (Mentor) Champion Skills Form – PDF Download

Mentoring Agreement

Check-in form


Read the factsheet and FAQs for more information on the mentoring network. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].