Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative

For More Information

Margo Davis
Great Lakes Commission
[email protected]

Anne Vaara, Co-Chair
Oakland County Water Resources Commission
[email protected]

Patrick Judd, Co-Chair
Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
[email protected]

About Us

The Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative is led by a volunteer Executive Committee that has been working since October 2017.  We created a charter and are forming partnerships across the Basin to be a model for regional stormwater management innovation.

We selected four vital priorities for the region’s stormwaterwater management needs:

  1. Help match available, verified innovative stormwater technology and practices to the needs of communities;
  2. Build confidence in the performance of innovative stormwater technology and practices through education, advocacy, robust metrics, and performance standards;
  3. Evaluate and promote the life-cycle costs and associated benefits (e.g., triple bottom line and cobenefits) of innovative stormwater technology and practices; and,
  4. Advance and promote post-development/installed ownership, inspection, maintenance, and performance assessment of innovative stormwater technology and practices.

Please Join us in launching these activities.