Best Practices for Integrated Water Infrastructure Asset Management (IWAM)

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Great Lakes Commission
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IWAM Webinar Series

The Great Lakes Commission is excited to host a series of four webinars on Integrated Water Asset Management (IWAM) that will explore the opportunities and barriers to catalyzing asset management practices across the Great Lakes region. The webinar series is intended for state, provincial, federal, and regional professionals interested in learning more about cost-effective and sustainable practices to managing water infrastructure assets. They will include presentations about diverse topics related to IWAM by expert panelists followed by guided discussions and open Q&A. See below for short descriptions of each webinar, and check back soon for more information including presenters, and final dates and times!

Webinar 1: What is Integrated Water Asset Management?

Date and Time: Tuesday February 26th, 1:00 – 2:30pm EST

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The kick-off webinar of the IWAM series will discuss the basic questions of what should be considered a water infrastructure “asset” and what it means to effectively manage them. While traditional (grey) infrastructure is often thought of as the pipes, pumps, and plants that treat and deliver water supplies, this narrow definition leaves out many essential elements of municipal systems. What about natural and engineered green infrastructure features? What about the knowledge, human capacity, and financing required to design and implement a long-term asset management plan? Why does this even matter? Tune into this webinar to join the discussion and hear our panel of experts share their ideas.

Webinar 2: Water Infrastructure Financing and IWAM

In this webinar a panel of Canadian and US experts will discuss financing options for communities interested in advancing IWAM. Traditional sources of funding for water infrastructure such as CWSRF and DWSRF tend to focus on physical implementation of new projects and restrict the use of these funds for regular operations and maintenance and planning efforts. State and provincial financing programs and the new US federal WIFIA program may provide opportunities to fund more diverse activities, including long-term financial planning for water infrastructure asset management and maintenance of traditional (grey) and green infrastructure assets. Experts will share their perspective on current financing structures for asset management and discuss options for expanding financial support for IWAM.

Webinar 3: Technology and IWAM

This webinar explores how different types of technologies support asset management at different scales, from small municipal supplies to state systems. IWAM seeks to improve information delivery and enable better decision-making by drinking, waste, and stormwater system managers. Presenters will discuss how their organization employs technology to conduct asset management and share ideas for systems looking to further integrate asset management into their work. Discussions will also explore the opportunities and concerns associated with using different technology and sharing information across organizations.

Webinar 4: IWAM Policy and Program Implementation

The final webinar of the series will explore how water infrastructure asset management programs are currently being implemented through the examples of three different Great Lake state programs. Representatives from states with asset management programs will describe their programs and address the elements previously discussed in this webinar series, including (1) how they define an asset and asset management, (2) state and federal policy considerations, (3) short and long-term financing, and (4) the technology they use to manage water infrastructure assets.

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