Habitat Restoration in Priority Coastal Areas: Brandenburg Park

About Brandenburg Park Habitat Restoration

Located in Chesterfield Township, MI, Brandenburg Park is situated along the shoreline of Anchor Bay in Lake St. Clair. Owned and maintained by the Township, the park sees a steady stream of visitors and features four open-air pavilions, a splash pad, and a multipurpose building. Located off Jefferson Avenue a quarter-mile south of 23 Mile Road, this 17-acre parcel is positioned along the shore of Anchor Bay and serves the recreational needs of the township and the greater Lake St. Clair area with a unique assortment of facilities. The park’s 500ft pier is one of only a few in Metro Detroit from which individuals can fish and view wildlife. Located five miles from I-94, this park’s public boat launch attracts boating and fishing enthusiasts from all over the county and throughout the region. The park is permanently protected and will be maintained long term by the Township. Below is a general map of the project location.

More about Brandenburg Park Restoration

The engineering design for this project was completed in early 2020 and was managed locally by Chesterfield Township (Township) with project manager OHM. The design is anticipated to restore approximately 740 linear feet of hardened shoreline and 1.5 acres of nearshore habitat along Lake St. Clair. It will focus on installing low profile habitat shoals to promote growth and establishment of wild celery (Vallisneria americana) as well as planted submerged aquatic vegetation and emergent vegetation, all of which serve as important spawning, nursery, and foraging habitat for a variety of game fishes and a food source for waterfowl. Tree rootwads anchored to the shoals, dredged areas of varying water depth, and rock piles will be installed to create and enhance habitat for a variety of herpetofauna and fish species. Construction began in Fall 2020 and will wrap up in Fall 2021 followed by post-restoration monitoring taking place in Spring 2022.

Benefits of Restoration

Environmental Benefits:

  • Restore approximately 740 linear feet of hardened shoreline and 1.5 acres of nearshore habitat along Lake St. Clair
  • Enhanced fish and wildlife habitat

Community Benefits:

  • Improved shoreline safety
  • Improved water quality and ecosystem health
  • Improved fishing and fish spawning
  • Increased access to shoreline

Economic Benefits:

  • Increased recreation, tourism, and sport-fishing opportunities
Documents and Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets and documents provide additional information about the Brandenburg Park project and specific elements of the project.

Fact Sheet
Final Conceptual Design
Brandenburg Park Presentation

Brandenburg Park Shoreline Restoration Video


Brandenburg Park has received over $890,000 in funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) from both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the NOAA Non-AOC Grant. GLRI is a federal program designed to protect and restore the largest system of fresh surface water in the world — the Great Lakes.

For More Information

Eric Ellis
Coastal Conservation and Habitat Restoration
Project Manager, Great Lakes Commission
[email protected]

Josh Sonnenberg
Facilities and Operations Director
Chesterfield Township
586-949-0400 (Ext. 3)
[email protected]

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