Habitat Restoration Database: St. Marys River Area of Concern

NOAA-GLC Regional Habitat Restoration Partnership

St. Marys River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration Database


The habitat restoration project at St. Marys River took place within the Little Rapids and replaced an existing causeway with a multi-span bridge. This project was completed in 2018.

The following metrics were collected during pre- and post-monitoring of the project site, to evaluate the impact of the project on the aquatic ecosystem:

Fish Data: Spawning of native fishes and presence of juvenile fishes were collected

Benthic Invertebrates: species abundance and diversity were collected.

Before (left) and After (right) construction of the causeway. 


Approximately $9.4 million was provided to this project by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a Regional Partnership between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Great Lakes Commission (GLC). In 2013, the GLC was awarded approximately $30 million through this Partnership to work with partners to implement habitat restoration in Areas of Concern across the Great Lakes Basin.

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Coastal Conservation and Habitat Restoration
Senior Program Specialist, Great Lakes Commission
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