Habitat Restoration Database: Buffalo River Area of Concern

NOAA-GLC Regional Habitat Restoration Partnership

Buffalo River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration Database

The habitat restoration projects at Buffalo River took place on 8 locations along the Buffalo River in the eastern basin of Lake Erie. These projects aimed to restore shoreline habitat in heavily degraded areas of the River and were completed in 2018.

The following metrics were collected during pre- and post-monitoring of the project sites:

Vegetation DataGeneral species abundance, richness, and diversity as well as a qualitative assessment of invasive species were collected.

Avian Monitoring Data: spring migratory point count avifaunal surveys collected species richness and relative abundance data.

Assessment of General Conditions: monitoring took place to assess the overall condition of the project site prior to and following construction.

Soil Monitoring Data: Samples were collected prior to and following restoration and  tested for metrics such as pH, organic matter, macronutrients, soluble salts.


Just under $6 million was been awarded to this project by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).  The GLRI is a federal program designed to protect and restore the largest system of fresh surface water in the world — the Great Lakes.  The project funding was provided via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through a Regional Partnership with the Great Lakes Commission.

For More Information

Eric Ellis
Coastal Conservation and Habitat
Restoration Project Manager
Great Lakes Commission
[email protected]

Katherine Winkler
Director, Ecological Design & Implementation
Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
716-852-7483 (Ext. 15)
[email protected]

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